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NoobO Games is a small indie game development team that focuses on quality rather than quantity.


Our Games


Spell Casting: Purrfectly Portable Edition

Console Port [Nintendo Switch]

Spell Casting is a family friendly line drawing puzzle game in which you are a young wizard learning spells in the comfort of your home thanks to Wizardly Distance Education!

Practice casting spells by tracing out the patterns in the spell books using your finger. Earn a 3 star rating in each spell to unlock the exam.

You'll need to remember the previously learned spell shapes to pass the exam and unlock new spell books!

Published by Hidden Trap. Originally developed by Gord Games.


Everton's Deck

Game Development [PC]

"Help the 4 Heroes of Light defeat the Dark Lord!" Sounds cliché enough? Well, we added a twist to that.

Everton's Deck is a turn based RPG where each character fights using a deck of cards. The game was made for the Indie Game Maker Constest back in 2014. It's a fun, 1-hour-ish long RPG that will pose two challenges to completionist: get all the cards and beat the optional boss. Are you up to the task? 


Jam Games

Some of the most relevant games made in Game Jams where people in our team took part.



Global Game Jam/GameJamOn U-Tad (2019)

A game about a man finding home by protecting what's left of his humanity represented by a little girl.

The game won the Artificial Intelligence Ham award at the event.

Gamedev Island

Idea Game Jam (2018)

A small clicker game in a jam where the theme was the defense of intellectual property.

The game won the first prize in that competition.

Blue vs Red

Demium Game Jam On (2018)

A dimished reality games where two player cooperate. Each player can only see the other one's screen and have to tell the other where to move in the screen.

Specially fun considering spectators can see everything that's going on.



Málaga Jam Weekend VI (2016)

Naedus is a 2-player couch competitive sports game. Use your magnetic jelly bullets to move a giant deathly puck around and score in your opponent´s goal! Intercept enemy fire to gain more control over the puck, but remember, if the puck touches you, you´re out... for 3 seconds!

Naedus won the prize for Innovation during the Málaga Jam Weekend VI.